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WHMCS is one of the best billing/support solutions for businesses looking to sell online. It’s generally used by web hosting providers because it has built in modules to allow automatic account create for example but it’s also used by many other types of businesses. We provide many WHMCS services from installation all the way to integrating your existing website with the software.

WHMCS Installation

We will install the latest version of WHMCS for you at the location of your choice (e.g domain.com/whmcs, whmcs.domain.com).

Cost: N2,000

WHMCS Configuration

While WHMCS is fantastic out of the box there is allot of options to configure. You’re also going to save allot of time as we will use our own installation as a base. Since we have been providing hosting for over a year now you will avoid having to make the changes that we have made based on experiences. This service includes the following:

  • General Settings configuration
  • Automation Settings configuration
  • Custom Client Feilds configuration (Used for market research)
  • Payment Gateway Setup configuration (1 gateway)
  • Products/Services configuration (Up to 4 Plans)
  • Servers configuration (1 server)
  • Support Departments configuration (Up to 4 departments)
  • Database backup configuration (Very important)
  • Cron job configuration

Price: N7,000

WHMCS Integration

We will integrate WHMCS into your current design using the header and footer files included with the software. We believe that integrating the software to your design is vital to your success.

Price: 10,000

Web Hosting Packages Automatic Setup (up to 3 cPanel/WHM packages)

Let us setup your web hosting packages for you in WHMCS & WHM. Once we have completed this service for you, web hosting accounts will be automatically setup in WHM & WHMCS once your client’s payment has been made. Your client will also receive a welcome email containing their login details.

Price; N3,000

Move WHMCS Install Location

We will move WHMCS from one location to another. For example your current install could be domain.com/whmcs and would like it moved to domain.com/clients

Price: N4,000


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