It’s a web basics application that keeps track of daily stock and sales with a daily, weekly and monthly comprehesive reporting system via sms, email and logs. This system has been built to monitor and report every sensitive transactions in a business which is critial for business growth.

Some Features:
1. Free domain name registration and hosting
2. Web based version
3. Standardlone version
4. Customised Invoicing
5. Customised Reciept
6. Printable document
7. Audit trail
8. Login Previleges
9. Sms reporting
10. Email reporting
Recommened for: Supermarket Store, Warehouse, BusinessChain etc

Customisable: You can add or remove features to the system.

Request for a live demo presentation.

Setup: The system can be ready in 24 hrs of request.

Price: Please check on the Quote page

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